Volunteer Application

This application serves allows BRANCH to maintain security and protection of its objectives and assets by running background checks on those volunteering to serve.
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  • I certify that the facts set forth in this application are true, complete, and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that any misrepresentations, falsifications, or omissions on this application can be grounds for immediate denial of my appointment or removal from consideration or, if I have entered into a contract with this BRANCH, for immediate termination of that contract. I authorize BRANCH to make any necessary inquiries and investigations into my legal, criminal, financial, reference or employment history. I further authorize, unless otherwise indicated on this application, the release of my information to BRANCH by any of the applicable entities or persons listed on this application. I also hereby release from liability BRANCH and its representatives for seeking, gathering, and using such information to make decisions concerning my status as a volunteer for BRANCH and all other persons or organizations for providing such information. THIS IS NOT AN APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT. I understand and agree that if this application is accepted, my status will be that of a volunteer and as such, I will be solely responsible for all expenditures incurred in the course of services I perform. I also understand I assume all risk in serving as a volunteer for BRANCH, including, but not limited to any and all risk of injury while serving as a volunteer.